toi o tahuna

  Roi Toia

Roi Toia Roi was born in 1966 and raised in the south of the South Island, however his ‘blood’ comes from the far north and is of Nga Puhi descent. Roi’s first step to establishing a career in Traditional Mäori Carving was in 1983, when he graduated with honours from the prestigious Mäori Arts & Crafts Institute in Rotorua after a three year apprenticeship. Roi was able to refine his skills as a post graduate attending to commissions and playing a support role in tutoring new students for the next nine years.

Ultimately this led to employment at Waiariki Institution of Technology in Rotorua were he tutored as artist in residence. This also enabled Roi to venture into other contemporary mediums and apply them to an already strong traditional base.

Roi has now been a full time artist for nine years. He has been involved in numerous international exhibitions. The resulting travel to diverse cultures has contributed to the continuing evolution, philosophical and spiritual growth of Roi’s outlook towards ‘whaka-iro’. Integrity and quality still stand as a cornerstone to the success of his work.

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