toi o tahuna

  Robyn Kahukiwa

Robyn Kahukiwa Born in Sydney (1940), Robyn Kahukiwa started painting in 1967 whilst caring for two young children in the South Island town of Greymouth.
When her family moved north she began a ten year period of teaching art at the Mana College in Porirua, finishing in 1982.

Robyn has since become a world renowned contemporary female mäori artist with an extensive record of exhibitions over the last 25 years.

She has been active in celebrating the strength and vitality of mäori ancestry and ideas in her visual presentations. Her work has also involved reflections of mäori women and of motherhood.
Robyn has gained acclaim through exhibitions in New Zealand,
the United States, England and Australia, most recently with the
Difference Celebrated exhibition at the Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland, and the New Zealand Natives Exhibition at the Montserrat Gallery, New York.

She has also been involved in projects with other indigenous peoples in the U.S. including Hawaii, and Australia. She is known as one of New Zealand’s leading book illustrators and has a number of publications to her name.

‘No contemporary Maori artist’s imagery is more publicly accessible or immediately familiar to New Zealanders than that of Robyn Kahukiwa’
– Jonathan Mane-Wheoki

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