toi o tahuna

  David Teata

David  Teata David Teata is an emerging Dunedin artist who has just completed his BFA major in Printmaking at the Otago School of Art. He was born in Mangaia, Cook Islands and was brought up in New Zealand. His work continues to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of the mixed cultures we have in New Zealand as well as a larger Polynesian heritage.

In his work Teata employs various techniques within each print, exploring the use of layering to express the complexity of identity within our diverse multi-cultural society. His designs are clear with a subtle layering of patterns and motifs. Traditional designs are interspersed with empirically observed patterns. The underlying structure of these works recalls weaving, drawing together various aspects of Pacific cultures. The layering of this content suggests the re-emergence and reassertion of past traditions. This clever visual punning helps demonstrate the ongoing contemporary relevance of such cultural identity. The past, present, and future are brought into one picture.

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